A well-appointed space, regardless of style, stands the test of time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take your cue from what’s timely. These ideas just might inspire you to make some improvements.

Textural Touches
Bare, sparse industrial looks are giving way to luxurious textures.
We’re seeing more elaborate detailing, even historical at times. Layering design and materials will also be trending. Through layering, you’re creating a more dynamic and multifaceted environment. Textured, layered interiors are enjoying a newfound popularity, not just to the eye but also the sense of touch.

Texture adds depth and warmth to any space and really helps to make a home feel finished, adding another dimension for the eye and elevation to the space. As a response to this tactile trend, Textur Luxury Finishes offers Venetian Stucco Finishes to our local market. (check out their finish options at textur.ca) These textures add a richness to the home—living rooms, dining rooms, libraries, offices, formal entryways and master bedrooms, amongst other features and spaces in the home.

A space that was typically painted white in past years might now boast black hues, especially in kitchens and baths, These have become popular as evidenced by the rising trend of black appliances, fixtures, surfaces and materials. The effect can be dramatic, sexy and unexpected.

Back in Black

Traditionally, black paint was used as an accent hue for exteriors—on a front door or shutters, for example — but now is seeing a rise in all-black spaces.

Among the Houzz community of 2.1 million active home remodelling and design professionals, black is big for kitchens and being expressed on appliances like range hoods, as island accent colors and in all-black cabinetry. Houzz predicts that in 2019, we’ll see black cabinets paired with white walls, backsplashes and countertops for a dynamic and sophisticated contrast.

So what do you think? is black in the cards for your space?

True Colors

While black is seeing a resurgence, so is the use of color. One innovative use of color is through lighting. Color-tunability, or the ability for lights to display different hues, whether pastel or bold, is becoming popular for the home.

Designers and builders are continually exploring new ways to make an interesting statement, and many do this through color. For instance, warmer tones and brighter shades are permeating spaces in myriad ways from wallcoverings to kitchen cabinetry to decorative accessories, and even lighting.

Metallic Tones

We are seeing a growing popularity in the polished and tailored look of metallic finishing, particularily silver for its clean nautical look and gold or brass for their richness and warmth.

Different iterations of gold, from rose gold to matte gold, are finding their way into design from kitchen handles and accents to walls.

Cooler brushed metallics like chrome, nickel and iron, which add flare without stealing the show create a dramatic, mirror appeal, which reflects light, doubles the visual square footage and adds a bit of glamour.